Simple Fruit Cobbler (+ The Only Dessert Recipe You’ll Ever Need)


The only dessert you’ll ever need

I made this cobbler the other night for my family, and oh man! This was the perfect end to our dinner. The fruit was warm, melty, and ooey-gooey, while the crumble was sweet and slightly crunchy! The best part? It took only minutes to throw together and we used up the overripe plums in the fridge. Trust me, you need this recipe in your life.

the quick facts:
  • absolutely delicious
  • pleases everyone
  • healthy alternative to cakes and pies
  • easy to make & little mess
  • use up what fruit you have on hand
  • no measurements
  • customizable

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3 Steps to Cook Without a Recipe (+ The Only Method You’ll Ever Need)


Bun-less burger with sauerkraut, sautéed broccoli rabe, purple sweet potato, and avocado.

The only method you’ll ever need

Trust me – where do you think I come up with all these recipes? 99% of the time I am simply making something for myself or my family, and it turns out yummy enough to share it all with you. Here’s my simple method for creating delicious healthy dishes in no time.

Step 1: Protein

Pick up different kinds of protein from the grocery store that you like. This can be beef, chicken, fish, or anything that suits your taste. Note that cooking with ground meats, boneless meats, and portioned filets of fish are the easiest and most forgiving, while bone-in meats and large cuts require more attention to detail.

My favorites:

  • grass-fed/organic ground beef
  • organic boneless chicken breast or thighs
  • wild-caught, individually frozen salmon or cod filets

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Chipotle Chicken Slaw


easiest chicken dish ever

Have a minute? Then you can make this yummy twist on coleslaw! The great thing about this “slaw” is that it’s a full meal – chicken for protein, a bunch of veggies, some healthy fats, and tons of flavor! How’s that for everything in one simple dish? Dinner, we’ve got you covered.

nutrition info
  • low-carb
  • gluten-free
  • high protein
  • paleo
  • sugar-free

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Move Your Body (How to Stay Fit & Happy at Any Age)


Hiking a trail this summer in Upstate New York


Earlier this week I went on a 4 mile walk through my neighborhood with my dad. Let me tell you, we kicked some butt (thanks to him for making me go!). Between all the crazy hills and picking up the pace, we really worked up a sweat! So what does this have to do with working out? Everything. We didn’t run, we didn’t lift weights, but we MOVED. The whole point of this story is that it was a workout, but it was something so simple: walking around the neighborhood.


I used to go to the gym and workout almost every single day. You see, I used to enjoy going to the gym, when it was something I really wanted. (If you love the gym, then by all means do it!!) But now, I just can’t get myself to go. Am I a bad person? Absolutely not. Do I feel guilty? Absolutely not. And you shouldn’t either. I don’t believe in punishing yourself to go the gym if it’s not something you want to be doing. 

Here’s the catch

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Spiralized Cucumber Tomato Salad


Tis’ the season for tomatoes & cucumbers

Get them before they’re gone! I’m making the most of my in-season vegetables with a fresh “twist” on salad. But don’t worry, even if you don’t have a spiralizer, you can absolutely still make this recipe!


spiralized – the new “flavor”

Spiralizing makes veggies taste better, well it makes them more fun anyway 😉 Need kids to eat their vegetables? Want to revamp the same-old dish you always make? Bring on the spiralizer!

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When Life Makes You Eat Chocolate (+ What’s Really Going On)


What the heck do I mean?

Life always seems to throw you a curve ball right when you think you have it all figured out. Now bring on the chocolate.

Chocolate = destress

What I really mean is that I can keep my chocolate cravings in check – that is, until life gets too stressful, too chaotic, or too off balance. We all have days where it can be super sucky sometimes – even when you try your hardest to keep everything together, it feels like life stacks against you somehow.

Who knows.. maybe your boss yelled at you at work, you spilled coffee on your favorite shirt, or you simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The point is, no matter what the situation is, it ends with reaching for a chocolate bar to find some peace in the world.

Trust me, even with the best meditation practices, breathing exercises, and whatever else your “self-help” book told you, in a stressful situation, it’s incredibly easy to throw it all out the window and to simply EAT the chocolate.

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My Experience with Overeating (+ How to Finally Find Balance)


why do we eat so much?

see food, eat food.

I’m one of those people that loves SEEfood…. You know, I “see” food, then I eat it. I’m trying to lighten life up a bit over here with some bad jokes 😉 But in all honesty, overeating feels like you’re out of control. Even if it’s “healthy food”, it comes to a point where too much of anything isn’t good for you.

The thing is, I don’t always overeat. Sometimes I can go weeks at a time before it happens, but then boom, I dive into a whole chocolate bar when I meant to have just a piece.

I noticed it happens when I am out of balance in some way. When I’m anxious, stressed, sad, or out of routine, I find myself in a mindless eating mode where I’m super impatient in between meals. It took some soul searching to figure it out, but I have finally come to terms that I have a problem with food when I’m stressed.

I know I can relate

Many people have this problem with overeating. Some call it “binge eating” others call it “emotional eating”, but either way it takes a huge toll on how we feel about ourselves. It often leads to a “food high” during the moments of shoveling food into our mouths, followed by a huge crash of depression and frustration afterwards.

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Fresh and Summery Strawberry Avocado Salad


The Perfect Summer Side Dish

Let me tell you – these flavors are a winner! Everyone can have salsa, guacamole, and pasta salad.. but that’s just the same stuff over and over again. So let’s change it up and enjoy strawberries at their ripest and sweetest… in a fresh and summery salad! The herbs compliment the strawberries’ sweetness and the avocados’ creaminess beautifully. The citrus brings all of the flavors together with a little acidity, and the salt takes the flavors over the top. Trust me, this will be the hit of every BBQ!

How to serve it:
  • Over grilled salmon (or cod, mahi mahi, etc.)
  • On top of a burger
  • On it’s own
  • Over caesar salad or a baby arugula salad
  • With beef or fish tacos

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Nutrient Bowl 101: How to build the healthiest, easiest meal


sautéed greens, tuna salad, mango, rice, homemade dressing, salad greens, sprouts

Emphasis on Nutrients

We all know that eating healthy is important – after all, mom had a reason for making you eat your vegetables. (Hopefully your mom made delicious vegetables and it wasn’t torture for you to sit at the table with a pile of green staring back at you.) The good thing is that eating healthy doesn’t having to be boring or tasteless. IN FACT, eating healthy is delicious, satisfying, and super easy to do.


The nutrient bowl is made up of 5 categories, and all you have to do is pick a few things from each one! The best part is I’ve listed a ton of options for each category – this way you have a super easy way to create a huge variety of meals and flavor combinations.

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